Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More GoodYear waste found OUTSIDE OF SPECIFIED AREAS!

This past week I had some grading/bulldozing done to clean up a few spots that were overgrown on our property and didn't look good. I have worked so hard and spent so much money to improve the appearance of this property. In 2 different locations, some 1/4 mile apart, damned if there wasn't additional Goodyear waste buried there too. I am becoming convinced that First Piedmont pulled a huge scam on the gov't , and in fact this whole farm is full of different waste deposits. It appears that they just simply backed trucks up and dumped the wastes, some of which were DOCUMENTED HAZARDOUS, CARCINOGENIC CHEMICALS. I have paperwork to prove this, otherwise I wouldn't make such a statement. This time, it was just rubber, tires , beads, bladders from the presses. Test tires, cut-outs from test tires, and blue poly trash. How any company could claim to be a responsible, small town type of company and have this on their conscience is beyond me. I really think anyone who would do such a thing cannot have a conscience. Anyone who would simply back a dump truck full of 55 gallon barrels of chemicals, and dump them into gullies , BULLDOZED OVER (which certainly busted some/most of the thin barrels) is beyond my comprehension. With admissions on company letterhead stationary that admitted that FIRST PIEDMONT WAS THE OPERATORS OF THE BRYANT FARM DRUM DUMP , the responsibility should be on them. I have statements from the gov't that THIS WAS NEVER A PERMITTED/LEGAL DUMP. (In other words, it was ILLEGAL from the get-go!) I only want it cleaned up, and my expenses reimbursed. Up to this point, June 26 2013, First Piedmont has yet to contact me at all. It would be in their best interest to do so ASAP. I can only promise that this will not go away, unfortunately. Randy Dowdy.