Thursday, December 24, 2009

A plea for help from members of the local community!

To the rich and poor residents of Providence or South Danville:
Surely there is someone in our community who care about our water table being poisoned. Please contact me, together we may can get something done. I can't do it alone, and the Danville Register and Bee refuses to even run a letter to the editor, even after I provided them over 50 pages of proof of my claims, most of the documentation was straight from the NC state and even the Federal gov't. What else can I do?

To my neighbor to the South of me, who refuses to believe what is here, even above ground where a 5 minute walk will prove it, here is what you requested, it was my pleasure. Enjoy

If this does not list the internet comments portion, then contact the paper. I am sure they can provide you with a hard copy. I am a high moral person, who only tells the truth. I wish everyone was that way.

Here is the shortcut. Look under the November 17 edition, and read the e-editorials.


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