Saturday, April 7, 2012

Water goes down, debris is found.

Lots of small rubber chunks, blue poly out of the banbury, and hunks of melted rubber are showing now in the pond. Right in the middle of that debris, a spring has started to flow. The water looks awful! I am going to run a simple test to see if it is as bad as it looks, if it is concentrated with chemicals as it appears. Even though they "CLEANED IT UP PROPERLY" when mandated by the gov't. There are still some barrels showing, even after someone did a helluva job cleaning up all the GoodYear debris that was easily portable........ I dunno who cleaned it up, or if it is a good thing.........All this feet dragging does not improve the situation...........Remember, I would like this to go away too, but not at my expense since I was totally innocent and First Piedmont created this monster, with chemicals and debris, (and full cooperation from Goodyear, GYT&R employees loaded those trucks, and knew exactly where the dumpsite was. There was no secrecy at the time. I would like to see this matter closed for good within one year. And no, I'm not asking for a huge amount of money. Never have been. I just want this cleaned up, to protect my family from this disaster. I wonder what would happen if this stuff started burning underground? Since there are chunks of rubber as big as several refrigerators laying on top of the ground, Lord only knows what's under it. The other illegal dumpsite is costing them huge money. Maybe I need to see who handled that one! 14,288 views as of tonight, 4-08-12. Nice to see attention is expanding greatfully! Just sorry my lately deceased Father isn't here to see it, but he died of cancer after drinking from that well for a decade, unknowing of the poison under neath the ground, just a few feet from his yard. I often wonder how Caswell County Health Department passed the well and septic permits, with the debris buried far less than a hundred yards from the mobile home!